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Gegen Genitalverstümmelung
Für Frauen- und Kinderrechte

The Crocodile-Projekt

I am the founder, and I call this international project "crocodile" because it was a promise of going to kill a crocodile, not knowing what would happen to me...

Aktueller Artikel vom 7. Februar 2016 unter dem link: www.ruhrnachrichten.de/sonntag. Dieser Link führt zur Infoseite über ein Probeabo. Sechs Wochen lang kann man derzeit die eZeitung inklusive digitaler Sonntagszeitung kostenlos lesen.

Bintou Bojang is living in Germany, and was born and brought up in the society of Mandinka in the western part of Gambia, West Afrika. The Mandinkas are known to be an ethnic with very strong traditional belives in the history of Gambian Cultures.

"Despite the sincere efforts of many, why do women still cut their (own) daugthers in the name of culture, and traditional believes?

I ask myself WHY...?

But to any problem there must be an solution, if collective efforts are put together. Oh yes, there is a way out! A way to protect our girls from this harmful and wicked practice so called FGM!"

I have broken the calabash, culture of silence. I am appealing every woman who have undergone FGM to come up and break the culture of silence too!

Let's speak out to the world to hear us, let us save the young generation from this practice. Weather you know it or not, FGM is still existing, people are still doing it to their daughters:

FGM - Female Genital Mutilation:

It is the cutting or removal of the genital parts of girls' bodies at their innocent age in our communities. And FGM happens to be one of the most cruel practices against girls and women. I am a victim of FGM that can't still forget the terrible pains, and still suffer from trauma of this process.


The first Event to create a plattform was held on the 12th of June 2015, in the A & O Hotel in Dortmund with support of International Women Space/Berlin, as well as our social network in Dortmund like AWO and TABUe.V., and international friends. I like to thank all supporters, and Lisa Lyskava for the Video-Dokumentation, and authentic Interviews (http://www.verein-tabu.de/Lisa_Lyskava.php).

We launched a movement against secret done FGM practices in our communities. We want to struggle for the acceptance of our sisters who seek asylum in Germany to protect their daughters from FGM, and get medical help for the victims of the cruel practic. We support the idea of a Program of Prevention (regular medical controle) for our daughters who stay with us in Germany. We also have still a lot to do to convince all parents who stay in Germany not to bring their daughters abroad to get cut or use secret actors right here to do the criminal act of FGM. This happens still in secret. The condition to get support for our international fight against FGM is to respect first of all the law in this country where we live and seek for Asyl. FGM is forbidden by law in Germany by § 226a StGB.

Enough is enough! We must put an end to FGM!

We want to build up a strong network, and send helpful materials creating awareness and education to Africa.We are happy to cooperate with the Medical Experts of Action Regen in Austria who create special tools to make people in villages understand the facts: www.aktionregen.at.

Especially the people on grassroot-level need effective tools to understand FGM as a practic which is senseless but harmful for their women.

Painting: Bruni Braun ("You&TABU with Art against FGM" Museum Ostwall 7, Dortmund, 2013) www.verein-tabu.de/BruniBraun.php


Bintous next big steps:

KARAWANE Event by RAID THE GAMBIA, Dakar/Senegal, Mai 2015 and June 2016

Bintou went to Dakar/SENEGAL for an Anti-FGM-Demonstration, and she came with a very big aim of erraducating FGM arround the globe. Our motto is to ensure a world free FGM: This has been and is always the aim of our young brilliant FGM SURVIVOR Bintou Bojang. We hereby apply for funding of our next 16 days Gender Activism Programm which is schedule to take please from December 1. to 10. 2015 "Action Against Voilence Against Women & Girls". Let's support her to safe young girls from FGM with actions of solidarity! Your help by donation for traveling expenses is highly needed.

Please join us now also for increased funding for educational and protectional programmes which can prevent girls from being mutilated, and forced into early marriage! You can use the accaunt of TABU e.V., and get a receipt for your donation. Please don't forget to write clearly your name & adress and - very important - use the word "crocodile" on your bankslip. Or spend by "betterplace":



All butchery on children must stop! Let's respect the holy creation and Human Rights.

Why should black women have less rights than white women? FGM has allready been declared as a Human Right Issue. It is not the "will of God" but our own responsibility when we make our children and women suffering or even die. Many of the women are voiceless in their own homes, they can't say NO TO FGM yet because of the society, or because their husbands will maltreat them. Let's empower the women by sending them a strong and powerful message, and advice them how to say NO to things that affects them without creating violence. We have to make our fight against harmful traditional practices still smarter and stronger. All girls and women who refuse this horrible treatment of FGM shall get the protection they seek.


Dear friends ,
get aware of the Interview with Dr. Rebecca Steinfeld please. A part of it you see here:

"I understand why some resist the comparison between female and male genital cutting. The media tends to juxtapose the most severe forms of female genital cutting with the least severe forms of male genital cutting, leading to the impression that the former is always barbaric and the latter is always benign or even beneficial to health. But the reality is much more complex. (...)

There are several other overlaps: Both occur without the consent of the child, and irreversibly violate the child’s human rights to bodily integrity and an open future. Both can cause serious, long-term physical, mental and sexual harm (severe bleeding, problems urinating, infections, and, in the case of FGC, infertility, complications in childbirth and increased risk of newborn deaths). Both prioritise the cultural or religious beliefs of parents over their child’s right to self-determination.

So the two practices may in fact be much closer in reality that they appear in the public imagination. Drawing attention to these overlaps doesn’t trivialise the harm done to women, it simply highlights that men too can be harmed by genital cutting. It is important to remember that this is not a harm competition: One can believe, as I do, that both girls and boys have a right to be protected from nonconsensual non-therapeutic cutting of their genitalia. (...)

A 2006 online survey reported in Israel’s Haaretz newspaper found that nearly a third of parents of boys would prefer to forgo circumcision, but have it done primarily for social reasons. Enforcement of existing child protection laws or an explicit ban could actually provide these parents with the legal and moral support they need to effectively stand up against the communal and familial pressure to circumcise."









Wir sind ein gemeinnütziger Verein.
Schützen Sie mit uns Kinder vor ritualisierter Gewalt. Realisieren sie gemeinsam mit uns Bildungseinrichtungen zu bauen. Sie helfen unserem Förderprojekt in Kenya mit Spenden oder dauernden Fördermitgliedschaft, ab 60 € jährlich/5 € mtl. ohne Kündigungsverpflichtung.

Simples Verfahren:

Mit unserer SteuerNr. 314/5702/4953 gilt auch ihr Bankauszug beim Finanzamt bis zu 200 € als Spendenquittung.

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Die Stadt Dortmund würdigt ehrenamtliches Engagement:

OB Ulrich Sierau überreicht das Siegel 2011 mit dem Hauptpreis an die Vorsitzende Ulla Barreto im Rathaus.

Termine Bintou Bojang:

Heinrich Böll-Stiftung 27. August 2016

Workshop 1:

Fluchtwege und -ursachen junger Frauen (Bintou Bojang und Avin Mahmoud (Jugendliche ohne Grenzen NRW)

Was hat das Leben von uns in Deutschland mit dem Leben junger Frauen in Syrien oder Gambia und ihren Fluchterfahrungen zu tun? Bintou Bojang und Avin Mahmoud engagieren sich bei Jugendliche ohne Grenzen in NRW - einem Zusammenschluss junger Flüchtlinge aus ganz Deutschland. In dem Workshop erarbeiten Bintou und Avin mit der Gruppe die Auswirkungen des europäischen Lebensstils auf Länder wie Gambia und Syrien und ergründen Ursachen für die Flucht junger Frauen.


TABU International e.V. leistet Öffentlichkeitsarbeit gegen Genitalverstümmelung an Kindern und unterstützt ideell und finanziell afrikanische Bildungs- und Schutzprojekte für Mädchen in Kenya, Ost-Afrika sowie Gambia, West-Afrika.

2015 hat sich die internationale Aufklärungsarbeit der Organisation zusätzlich auf West-Afrika erweitert. Koordinatorin für TABU Intenational e.V. in West-Afrika ist Bintou Bojang aus Gambia:

Kontakt: BintouBojang@verein-tabu.de

Wir arbeiten mit minimalem organisatorischem Aufwand sowie Unterstützung ehrenamtlicher Helfer und reisen jährlich nach Afrika, um die Evaluation unserer Projekte durchzuführen.

TABU Intenational e.V. ist gemeinnützig anerkannt und berechtigt, steuerliche Zuwendungsbescheinigungen auszustellen. Spenden sind steuerlich absetzbar. Persönliche Daten werden nur zweckbestimmt verwendet und niemals weitergegeben!

Spenden für das Crocodile-Projekt auf das gemeinnützige Konto von TABU e.V. müssen zwingend mit dem Stichwort "Crocodile" gekennzeichnet sein.




Derzeit werden Spenden benötigt für zahlreiche Aufklärungsmaterialien, Printmedien/Flyer, die Erstellung von Aufklärungsvideos und Reisekosten sowie die Unterbringung und Verpflegung während der Kampagnen in Westafrika.

Um die Nachhaltigkeit der Aufklärung in Gambia erfolgreich zu machen, ist der Bau einer Anlaufstelle für Frauen in Planung. Für die Verbesserung ihrer Grundversorgung soll für ehemalige Beschneiderinnen und Frauen, die von Genitalverstümmelung ablassen und unsere Kampagnen unterstützen der Ankauf von Gemüsefeldern zur gemeinsamen Bewirtschaftung realisiert werden.

Die Kontrolle der Abrechnung für die Finanzbehörde wird durchgeführt von TABU International e.V.


Public Awareness

Landgericht NRW, Köln 7. Mai 2015: Jährliche Demonstration - mehr als 30 internationale Organisationen beim WORLDWIDE DAY OF GENITAL AUTONOMY - §1631d BGB zur erlaubten Beschneidung an Jungen muss zurück genommen werden! Kinderrechte sind Menschenrechte und stehen vor Elternwillkür sofern diese dem Kindswohl nicht zuträglich ist! Infos:



Bintou Bojang: Willi Brandt Stiftung, Berlin 2014


Texte & Photos copyright: Bintou Bojang & TABU e.V.